Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Portfolio Shots

I was walking past the Bath branch of DUO and spotted the new shot's from my last shoot with them! They look absolutely amazing and I am so pleased with the looks I created.
For me it was all about the lip's and brows. For more natural looks I chose a deep rose and strong brows. For a more dramatic look I created a wet look smokey eye and deep Berry lip. I feel both looks are effortlessly cool on Amazing model Lisa Cooke and teamed with the Killer shoes, to die for styling by Hilary Owen and the one and only Photgrapher Sean Malyon I get a major case of the butterflies every time I walk past the DUO store. Check them out!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beauty Trend Test:
Highstreet Edition

A rush of excitement goes through me when I see the new beauty trends emerge for next season especially Autumn/Winter. The pages dripping with rich reds, berrys and Dewy skin makes me reach for my chunky knits and fur lined boots. I'm not mad about the weather but the beauty trends make the season so much more bearable.
Just a few of the trends this season are The Sixties, Gothic Grunge, Rock and Roll Metallics, Red Lips and Dewy Skin.
So, to quench my excitement I have decided to road test the Autumn/Winter beauty trends hot off the catwalk on myself  in two ways. One look will be a strong take on the trend for the brave and the other a subtle nod for the faint harted. Each look will be recorded stating how much the look costs, How it was acheived and what feedback was given. Is the look wearable for day to day? Is a hit or miss in the style stakes? Is it boyfriend friendly? These are just a few of the questions I will be answering.
One thing I understand is that most of us are on a bit of a shoe string when it comes to the luxury of make-up so I am going to work to a realistic budget searching the shelves of Boots, Superdrug and Local chemists for my tools.
So stay tuned for my first Trend Test. The Sixties. And who better to look to for inspiration than the woman who got us hooked in the first place.

Niki Whittle
Coffee with a top personal Stylist:

"I do think that it’s important to stay contemporary but as YSL put it, ‘fashion fades, style is eternal"

Based in Bristol and covering the south west, Niki offers a modern approach to Personal Styling and strongly believes that it is important not to be labelled as a pre-assigned season or type.  Instead she’ll help clients to discover and develop an image that reflects who they are.  Providing clients with friendly, individually tailored, honest and impartial advice, Niki’s clients save time and money by discovering what to wear to suit them and their shape, and where to shop to find this. With services ranging from Wardrobe Re-vamping to Personal Shopping (all of which are available as stylish unique gifts) Niki will update clients existing items, to create an easy to use, hard-working, capsule wardrobe. 
     Niki started her career in fashion as a freelance textile designer successfully  selling designs to designers such as Diane Von Furstenburg, Fenn Wright Manson and Calvin Klein. She then went on to work as a Fashion Advisor at John Lewis (Cribbs Causeway, Bristol), for over two years.  In 2008, Niki trained with the renowned Alicia Kite Academy - a leading advocate of the image industry with an international reputation and over 25 years experience.  After high demand, and some further training with the Alicia Kite Academy, she now offers styling for men and is a fully qualified Image Consultant and a full member of the Alicia Kite Academy.
I sat down with the lovely Niki over coffee in the cafe Same Same But Different in Bath to talk Vintage, The importance of good undies and Black Tie Events.


1.      I’m sure you constantly hear the age old saying of “I have nothing to wear!”. What’s your advice on getting the most out of your wardrobe?

This is such a good question!  There are loads of stats floating around stating that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time and the average women spends £13000 on unworn items of clothing in her lifetime and I’m sorry to say, this is so true!  Most women have plenty of clothes but for a variety of reasons they claim that they have nothing to wear.  I know for a fact that there will be a whole host of outfits in their wardrobe that work but they’ve never been considered before.  We’re creatures of habit and this applies to shopping and styling too.  How often do you get drawn to the same style of clothing when you’re shopping, or pull the same outfit from the wardrobe again and again?
To get the most out of your wardrobe you need to put some time aside to honestly asses what’s in there.  Remove the items that no longer fit you so that you’re left only with items that do.  Be creative and try pulling together some outfits you’ve never worn before.  As you do this, you’ll be able to see what you’ve got, and what’s missing. Gradually add the missing key items to your wardrobe and you’ll start to develop a hard working capsule wardrobe that mixes and matches effortlessly for all occasions.  You’ll be spoilt for choice and will never again utter the words ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’.
2.      I’m sure plenty of women out there are receiving invitations to “Black Tie” events this summer. What’s your advice on doing “Black Tie” in a wearable and modern way?

Black tie events are a surprisingly difficult event to dress for.  Often the invites are quite vague about the dress code which leaves many women breaking out in a sweat just at the thought of finding something to wear.  My advice is to play it safe and don’t be tempted to try something too far out of your comfort zone. I don’t mean it needs to be boring; I simply mean to go for a fabulously fitting, classic little black dress that suits your shape and style.  I know it’s called black tie, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with black, colours work too and with block colour being a huge trend at the moment, this is the season to go for it.  Once
you’ve got the dress sorted you can style it up and update it with some clever accessorising.  This season a statement necklace and oversized clutch will bring out the fashionista in you.
For those of you who like to be a bit different, a jumpsuit’s a great choice.  There is a huge selection of shapes and styles to choose from at the moment – there’s something for everyone!  Wear with a pair of oversized earrings and a belt to emphasise your waist.  Add a pair of chunky heels and heads will turn.
3.      When doing weddings, time and time again I see panic stricken MOB’s (mother of the bride) terrified about what to wear and sometimes panic can end in disastrous results. What advice can you give Mothers to avoid this mistake?
You’re right; I don’t think I’ve ever come across a MOB who’s been calm about finding that all important outfit.  Mothers put so much pressure on themselves to get it right, that what should be an exciting time invariably becomes incredibly stressful.  There are a few things that can be put in place to ease this.  Firstly, communicate.  Talk to the bride to be and find out if there’s a theme; you really don’t want to clash with the rest of the bridal party.  If it’s the other extreme, and your daughter is insistent that you wear a particular colour that does nothing for you, then sit down with her and try and come to a compromise.  Suggest that a more neutral shade accessorised in the desired colour will be just as effective. 
Next it’s a good idea to find out what the MOG (mother of the groom) is planning to wear.  It would be disastrous if you both turned up in the same outfit. I’ve actually had to help a very distressed MOB who’d bought her perfect outfit, only to be told by her daughter that her fiancĂ©s mum was wearing something very similar.  It was unnecessary stress that could easily have been avoided. 
Choose something you’ll feel comfortable in.  If you don’t normally wear dresses then don’t spend hundreds of pounds on an outfit that you’re probably never going to wear again.  Consider separates instead.  These can easily be split up after the big day and slotted into your wardrobe to mix and match with your other items. 
Above all, embrace your curves and be true to yourself.  Make sure you choose an outfit that suits your shape and personality and style.  If you don’t normally do ‘matchy matchy’ then this is not the time to start. Going for something that’s really different from what you normally wear, will only make you look and feel uncomfortable.

4.      I dread buying Jeans; can you recommend some brands that have nailed the denim market for different shapes and leg lengths?

Jeans are the one thing that everyone struggles to get right.  The choice is immense which probably only makes things harder – where do you start?  The only way you’ll begin to understand what shapes work and why, is if you invest the time in trying on a selection of different styles.  It will probably take a while and will definitely require some patience, but investing this time now, will save you time in the future.
There are certain brands that I recommend trying; one’s that I go back to again and again with my clients.  For high-street brands I recommend Topshop and Oasis.  Topshop have a great selection of styles for both petite and tall ladies and they do a fab selection of coloured denim.  Oasis’s denim range is great too.  Their ‘Scarlet’ style is literally magic!  They tend to relax a lot, so buy the smallest size you can get into, and if you require a particular leg length, Oasis jeans come in short, regular and long.
House of Fraser stock a brand called Salsa, which it’s just fantastic and definitely worth trying if you’ve got gorgeous curves.
While the high-street offers a good selection, if jeans are something you wear day in, day out then I think its well worth investing a little more in your jeans.   You really do get what you pay for and will not only find a pair that wear well, but that make you look and feel amazing.  Luxury denim boutique Mimi Noor in Bath kitted me out in my absolute favourite pair of jeans, a pair of cigarette leg jeans by J Brand, I don’t know where I’d be without them!  The fit is second to none, and they don’t lose their shape which is a common problem with jeans. 
Not Your Daughters Jeans are a good choice for someone who struggles to find jeans to fit their curves.  They’re available in John Lewis and Mimi Noor.  They have a lot of stretch in them and, as they claim, they really do make you look like you’ve dropped a dress size.  Some of the paler shades can look a little ‘old’, but if you go for one of the darker shades they look far more contemporary.
5.      Buying on a budget. Obviously we would all love to have a wardrobe laden with Labels, but when it’s not possible to splurge what’s your advice on looking like you have without the price tag?

It’s really important to realise that looking good doesn’t need to cost a fortune.  In fact, it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at something, if it fit’s badly, it’ll look cheap!  Buying items that fit you well will make you look like you’ve splurged when you haven’t.  My other advice is to look after your clothes, no matter how cheap.  Washing them carefully and hanging them correctly will help them to last longer and in some small way, gives them value.    To make sure you get the most out of your money and wardrobe, set yourself a reasonable budget and make a list of the items you think you need.  It’s worth putting a large part of your budget towards the staple pieces on the list, the items you’re going to wear most of the time.  Gradually build up a collection of key items each season and you’ll find you end up with a hard working wardrobe that can easily be updated every season with less expensive, on-trend items. 
6.      Vintage. I personally love vintage shops and go in with the best intentions but generally come out with nothing. Is there a certain shape suited to vintage or can anyone do it? If so, what’s your advice?
I love rummaging in vintage shops too! The possibility that I might find something fabulous and unique is too much to pass up.  There probably are certain shapes that suit vintage clothing better than others but it all depends on what era the clothing is from.  For example 50’s clothing suits a curvy shape better than a boyish frame - 20’s styles will probably suit these better.  My advice would be don’t go in looking for a particular item as you’ll probably walk away empty handed.  Instead, go with an open mind and a little imagination.  Have a real rummage and don’t expect the fit to be perfect, women’s figures have changed over the decades.  If something doesn’t fit quite right it doesn’t matter, it can probably be altered to fit with very little effort.    It might only be a question of shortening the length, or lifting the straps for the perfect fit.  If you want to dabble in a bit of vintage style but aren’t sure where to begin, then accessories are a good place to start.  A quirky vintage necklace is a great way to create your own style. 
7.      Who’s celebrity style do you really admire and why?
This is a hard question as there’s not really any one person that inspires me.  I have my favourites...a mix of past and present.  Marilyn Monroe celebrated her fabulous curves and always looked gorgeous.  Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, knew exactly what to wear to suit their shape and always looked effortlessly stylish, elegant and graceful, which is not easy to do! I admire Courtney Love’s punk rock attitude, it’s is awesome, she exudes everything rock and roll and Mischa Barton - a fellow pear shape - always incorporates rock chic edginess into own quirky style.  I also admire the Olsen Twins who always push the boundaries, they ooze fashion and style in the most casual-chic way and I really admire a style that’s not a slave to fashion and has personality. 
9.      With make-up I always tell my clients you should wear what suites you and not necessarily follow trends that will result in looking updated and modern anyway. How does it work with styling? 

This is exactly the same with my styling.  I always stress that the most important thing is to wear what suits you and not to get caught up in following the trends - I do think that it’s important to stay contemporary but as Christian Dior put it, ‘fashion fades, style is eternal’., so be aware of the trends and consider using accessories to update your style.  It’s far more interesting to develop your own style than it is to be a slave to fashion.  Besides, it’s an expensive hobby!
10.  Describe your personal style and why it works for you…
I like to think of my wardrobe as my dressing up cupboard.  I dress to suit my mood and enjoy having a real mixture in my wardrobe to play around with.  Accessories are the most important part of my wardrobe as they enable me to change the look of an outfit effortlessly.
I’m not too bothered about being in fashion and would rather be considered stylish than fashionable.  My style swings between girly-grunge and rock chick sass.  My love of rock music has a big influence on my style, and my job as a Personal Stylist means I’m constantly styling other people and always have a stack of fashion mags on the go,  so this also obviously influences my own style. 
My style is quite eclectic it swings between girly-grunge and rock chick sass and I can’t get enough leopard print!  I love rummaging around in vintage shops and local boutiques, collecting unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.
11.  I love underwear but I do notice that no matter how pretty the wrong underwear can really work against you. What key pieces should women have in their delicates drawer to maximise their outfits?

I know this sounds like a bit of a clichĂ©, but you can’t build on poor foundations!  Getting your underwear right is key to looking good.  I’m sure you’ve all witnessed Trinny and Susannah hoisting up some poor ladies boobs to reveal a long lost waist.  Whilst I think this is un-necessary, getting the right underwear is not.  It’s worth going and getting measured for the correct bra, it’ll make all the difference.  Once this is sorted the key pieces to source for your delicates draw are a smooth, nude bra for wearing under light coloured tops.  White just won’t cut it, in fact, wearing a white bra under a white shirt will only highlight your choice of underwear.  Nude (or skin coloured) will be virtually invisible. A good strapless bra – Calvin Klein have brought out a great one that really does hold everything in place.  A good slip for wearing under jersey or fine fabric dresses and skirts is a must.  I love the Spanx ‘hide and sleek’ slip which is available from figleaves,com.  And finally, not essential but very useful is a racer back clip for your bra.  I recently discovered this and am wearing it all the time at the moment.  It clips to the straps of your bra at the back and pulls them in so you can’t see them when you’re wearing vest tops.
12.  Jumpsuits. Is it a forbidden love?

If you’d have asked me this about a month ago I’d have probably said they’re best avoided, but I was asked but Folio magazine to write a column on how to wear jumpsuits so I took up the challenge and went in search for one to suit me. To be honest, I’ve always fancied giving them a go, but I never really thought they’d suit my pear shape or that I’d be able to pull the look off.  The choice out there is immense; I’d say there is pretty much a style to suit everyone.  They’re comfortable to wear and versatile.  I team mine with gladiator flats and a head scarf and dress it up for evening with chunky heels and statement earrings.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"The One"
Photography by Charlotte Kibbles
Make-up and Words by Charley B

"I can never find the right foundation" I hear this 9/10 times i make someone up. It's not surprising really is it? You walk into a department store and "BAM" sales girls leap on you stilettos flying, Acrylic Nails sharpened like their lives depend on your sale and your sale alone!
Foundation choices are every which way you turn, light reflecting, liquid to powder, matte finish, dewy finish! You leave the store emotionally exhausted from people in white coats scrutinising your skin under microscopes, flashing colour wheels in your face and heartlessly labelling you Dry and Mature. Your arms are now heavy with bags full of potions and lotions you'll never use, brain washed by yet another Brand convinced, this is THE ONE.
You wake up the next day for work so looking forward to this miracle in a bottle which cost a quarter of your wages. You imagine what the girls at work will say:
"Oh my god, you look so radiant, what is it, what have you done?" as you saunter through the office swishing your hair in the fashion of the Pantene Girl. But no, you end up disappointed by yet another failed match. It really doesn't need to be this hard, does it?
Step One: The Basics:
For a flawless base you need to have a clean and well oiled canvas.
-Cleanse your skin removing any of last nights grime (shouldn't be there but lets be realistic)this will ensure a fresher looking base.
-Assess your skin I believe you should have a few moisturisers in your bathroom cabinet as your skin changes constantly for a variety of reasons whether it be the season or hormones. For example i will use an oil control gel on my T-zone to prevent shine (1) and a rich moisture balm on any dry areas on my cheeks (2). So you need to get these products right first.
 Then let it sink in (in the time it takes you to brush your teeth if your in a hurry) and now your ready for application.
Step two: Coverage
If it was up to me i would have everyone using a tinted moisturiser or a light fluid foundation. If your raising your eyebrows right now, hear me out. Starting with a tinted moisturiser or a very light foundation evens the skin out, blurring imperfections looks so much fresher than trying to mask your skin with a full on heavy duty foundation all over. If there are still imperfections you want to cover afterwards, used a cover-up in those area's only, using a small flat headed brush blending the outer edges away leaving the imperfection untouched for maximum coverage.
So when it comes to choosing the right formulation, look for 'oil free' if your more oily in area's that need coverage and just apply where needed. If your more on the Dry side try a richer formulation or a Balm which will add that much needed glow to the skin. And for something light with a little more coverage try a water based fluid foundation.
Step Three: Avoid tidemarks:
It is so important to get this part right and it's so easy when you know how. I think there are two main causes of women picking the wrong colour, not checking in daylight and settling. When shopping for a foundation get the consultant to sit you down if you prefer to have someone do it for you. Try at least three shades close to your skin tone. When you think you've got it right take a mirror outside into natural daylight, if it disappears into your natural skin tone, you've got it right, if it stands out even slightly, it's wrong, so don't settle.
Once you've got the right colour and formulation take a few samples home with you with an alternative formulation to try as well. If you have a generous consultant try it for a week and see how it wears to avoid disappointment.
Step Four Application:
When doing a make-up lesson i will get my client to apply their foundation themselves in front of me to get an idea of their day to day routine. Most women use too much all over their face, and apply without care and are usually very rough with their skin. Another thing i see allot of is a very ancient sponge being used which can cause infection. My advice is put half a pump (pea sized amount) on the back of your (clean) hand and apply to the area's needed. This is usually the middle of your forehead and nose (otherwise known as the T-zone) apples of the cheeks and centre of the chin. 
People who suffer with acne/scarring will find that lighter application will make any texture from blemishes less obvious, and won't find that make-up has dried around the area of the blemishes by the end of the day.
Follow with a concealer which ill be covered in my next article.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I DO!.......DO I?

There is so much to sort out when it comes to your wedding day and after the dress, finding the right option for make-up big contender in the stress stakes. So ease your worries slightly here are just some of my DO's and DON'T's for sorting out your bridal make-up:
DO your research
Look locally to your wedding venue for Make-up Artists. Look for experience not training. An artist can be trained at the most prestigious make-up school in the world and still be virtually unemployable! Look for a strong portfolio and clientele, it's even better if you can get a recommendation from someone you trust!
DON'T be tempted by gift with purchase
Just because you like the brand and you get a free bag with mini tube of something you'll never use doesn't mean you'll like the way the consultants do your make up. Yes, I've done my time as a counter girl and i know what it feels like to have your area manager breathing down your neck. These women are trained to sell so it's a tough nut to crack. Get to know the consultant first and take it from there. If you are dead set on a counter the only one i can strongly recommend is Bobbi Brown.
DO have a trial run
I always suggest having a trial at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. You need to know who and what you are dealing with. Take along examples of make-up you like and talk everything through before you start your application. After your trial check in natural light and take pictures before you give the OK.
DON'T keep quiet
If you don't like it, say so. That's what a trial is for, trial and error.
DO judge a book by it's cover
Look for a make-up artist with good taste in make-up. Bridal is generally about looking like yourself so look for someone who looks fresh and natural.
DON'T be sweet talked
If it's not you on your trial it definitely won't be you on your wedding day and your groom may question who exactly it is walking down the isle!
DO come fresh faced
For your trial and wedding day. It makes the make-up artist's job a lot easier and you will look fresher because of it.
DON'T Try crazy things before your wedding morning
I've lost count of how many brides have turned up red raw and in tears from a new fad exfoliating facial  or looking rather surprised from a bad threading session cause their usual woman was busy. I know wedding planning is stressful and it makes us go a little crazy, but this is one of those times you really need to hold yourself back from anything unknown in the beauty world unless taken for a test run months in advance!

DUO Shoot looks: Norway

So i am sorting through some of the beauty shots i took from the DUO Boots Norway shoot. Our lovely model Lisa who i work with a lot makes my job easy, her skin is flawless and she has a great look. These are a couple of looks from one of the days out in Norway.
I made sure to keep the skin hydrated and protected with Bobbi Browns Extra moisturising balm with SPF 25 which doubled up as a super rich hand cream to avoid chapped skin and i couldn't get enough of Rimmel's "Spotlight Beige" Lipstick for a dewy nude lip teamed with a Barry M smokey eye. I changed the hair slightly between shots when we had time. I used Babyliss curling wand for tousled curls and changed it to a voluminous twist towards the end of the day. As you can see my hat proved quite useful, as stylist Hilary Owen loved it! Keep posted for more pic's!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

DUO shoot-Norway

So, this is me on a ferry in Alesund, Norway for my photoshoot for DUO boots. It has been a great 4 days with another 2 to go. We have been working hard and creating some beautiful images against the simply breathtaking scenery.
I have taken alot of pictures of the make-up looks i have done each day, but won't be posting them until the end of the trip as i have taken them on the photographer Sean Malyon's ( recky camera which is now officially on my wish list!
After 5 days shooting in the UK (pics of that will also be posted next week) and this part of the shoot i have been able to do do a variety of looks and enjoyed every minute of it!
The shoot is for Autumn/winter so there have been alot of deep berry lips, dark fushias and ofcourse a classic red or two. The difficulties of this shoot have been keeping the make-up looking fresh when on location in the cold tempuratures, varieing the looks slightly for each boot shot if possible (there are over 70 boots to shoot in total) and stopping myself from staring open mouthed at this amazing location when i am supposed to be concentrating on my job!
I will be posting all the looks created for this DUO shoot very soon, so stay in touch!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Red lip V Lip Stain

Last wedding season i had a lot of requests for red lips for vintage style weddings. I personally love a red lip, in my opinion there is no sexier look than fresh flawless skin, your signicture red lip colour and just a touch of mascara. Beautiful.
The red lip, however, is not low maintenance, and so many women who crave to achieve it, just can't hack the feeling of (A) feeling on show and (B) having the fear of it being smudged/on their teeth etc. There is a knack to applying and wearing a red lip but there is another option.
The lip stain is more innocent than a full on red lip, it doesn't shout as loud but it certainly gets the message across. The best lip stain is by the legend that is Laura Mercier available from Space NK, creating a long lasting stain that creates that always craved bee-stung lip.
A lip stain is a hands down winner for bridal, it's more man and white dress friendly and you will feel far more confident than with a full-on red lip if you are new to it that is.
A red lip is something you have to wear with confidence otherwise it just does not work, it feels slightly heavy at first but after a bit of wear your either love it or hate it. Carry on following my blog for advice on how to achieve the perfect red lip.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

On location- Day 2

So, i have settled into the UK part of my location shoot and so far it has involved 5am wake up calls and running underneath an an antique steam train with a smoke machine to create a "Breif Encounter" atmosphere. Yes, if you are a make-up artist on a shoot you do have to muck in sometimes. And now i am watching "The only way is Essex" which i have never seen before (i don't have TV at home, i know, weird) anyway, i literally cannot beleive the make-up! I am literally open mouthed looking at these women. The evenings are a time to kick back and recharge, early nights are a must and if i can i soak my feet in a hot bath, works every time.
Anyway, the looks i have created have been very influenced by the "Breif Encounter" breif, it's all about taking that look and giving it a modern twist. It's been all about making the eyebrows slightly stronger, a graphic liquid line teamed with a natural glossy lip, i am very pleased with the results.
With the hair i have been creating body with heated rollers, a god send on the early starts, taking them out at the last minute and twisting the hair up into a large messy bun and backcombed quiff.
My "can't be without" products on location shoots today are my new MAC dazzleglass in "Bare Necessity" great ontop of a nude lip. My Barry M shimmering eye and lip crayon in  No.5, a must for tired eyes and to create an etherial frosted lip a true high-street gem. Water is a must as you forget to keep hydrated on shoots, Vitimin C to ward off colds, and a good shoot coat. I will fill you in tomorrow.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Natural Bride

So, it's wedding season and the brides are booking in like crazy. I had wedding trials today and one of my clients wore no make-up at all day to day, yet she felt she needed something for her wedding. As she sat in front of me, perfect skin and brooke sheilds-esque eyebrows to die for i could tell she was a little wary of my kit.
I started with MAC tint, and her skin was glowing and even more flawless, but to my surprise she still felt it was too much. I had to take myself back to before i started wearing foundation and how it felt, i understood and i re-cleansed her skin.
I ended up using my all time favourite MAC strobe cream on the high points of her face (cheekbones, nose bone, brow bone) and covering any darkness under the eyes with MAC select cover-up. The result? Fresh and flawless.
I finished the look with a soft gold on the lids, a walnut kohl and black mascara to define the eyes, my fail safe cream blusher in Powder Pink and Naked gloss on the lips both by Bobbi Brown.
She left looking every bit the magazine bride and i rediscovered a couple of my favourite Bridal products i just have to share.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

3 Days to go!

So, i'm starting on the first part of my 10 day location shoot on Sunday and i think i nearly have everything sorted. The first part of the trip is in the UK and after a weekend break we're all off to Alesund in Norway! The UK part is easy as weather conditions will be mild yet unpredictable, but Norway is another story. Location shoots are always a bit tricky. You have to be prepared and organised.
As a make-up artist of over 5 years, i have had to deal with many weather conditions. And no matter how much you prepare you have to actually go through it to know how to deal with it.
Cold weather is one of the hardest to deal with, not only are you cold to the bone and on your feet all day and sometimes into the night it's your job to make the model look like she is feeling her absolute best. These are just some of the products i wouldn't be without in Norway and why:
Avene Thermal Spring Water spray: Cold weather as we all know makes your skin dry and extra sensitive. I always have this to hand, not only to set the make-up but also to keep it looking fresh. It also helps keep me awake before the first coffee break.

Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturiser: I use this to soothe dry chapped skin, and also press it into the base when it starts to look a little dry. It also makes a great hand a body cream in emergencies.
Smiths Rosebud Salve:  A multi use balm for anything from chapped skin to soothing irritation and softening cuticles. I will have this to hand in Norway in order to keep the models lips looking frosted and moisturised. I team this with a baby toothbrush exfoliation each morning to exfoliate the lips.

Well, with many 5am starts ahead of me, that covers the basics for tonight. But i will fill you all in tomorrow about my other kit essentials and other must-haves for on location shoots.