Thursday, 17 March 2011

3 Days to go!

So, i'm starting on the first part of my 10 day location shoot on Sunday and i think i nearly have everything sorted. The first part of the trip is in the UK and after a weekend break we're all off to Alesund in Norway! The UK part is easy as weather conditions will be mild yet unpredictable, but Norway is another story. Location shoots are always a bit tricky. You have to be prepared and organised.
As a make-up artist of over 5 years, i have had to deal with many weather conditions. And no matter how much you prepare you have to actually go through it to know how to deal with it.
Cold weather is one of the hardest to deal with, not only are you cold to the bone and on your feet all day and sometimes into the night it's your job to make the model look like she is feeling her absolute best. These are just some of the products i wouldn't be without in Norway and why:
Avene Thermal Spring Water spray: Cold weather as we all know makes your skin dry and extra sensitive. I always have this to hand, not only to set the make-up but also to keep it looking fresh. It also helps keep me awake before the first coffee break.

Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturiser: I use this to soothe dry chapped skin, and also press it into the base when it starts to look a little dry. It also makes a great hand a body cream in emergencies.
Smiths Rosebud Salve:  A multi use balm for anything from chapped skin to soothing irritation and softening cuticles. I will have this to hand in Norway in order to keep the models lips looking frosted and moisturised. I team this with a baby toothbrush exfoliation each morning to exfoliate the lips.

Well, with many 5am starts ahead of me, that covers the basics for tonight. But i will fill you all in tomorrow about my other kit essentials and other must-haves for on location shoots.

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