Thursday, 31 March 2011

DUO shoot-Norway

So, this is me on a ferry in Alesund, Norway for my photoshoot for DUO boots. It has been a great 4 days with another 2 to go. We have been working hard and creating some beautiful images against the simply breathtaking scenery.
I have taken alot of pictures of the make-up looks i have done each day, but won't be posting them until the end of the trip as i have taken them on the photographer Sean Malyon's ( recky camera which is now officially on my wish list!
After 5 days shooting in the UK (pics of that will also be posted next week) and this part of the shoot i have been able to do do a variety of looks and enjoyed every minute of it!
The shoot is for Autumn/winter so there have been alot of deep berry lips, dark fushias and ofcourse a classic red or two. The difficulties of this shoot have been keeping the make-up looking fresh when on location in the cold tempuratures, varieing the looks slightly for each boot shot if possible (there are over 70 boots to shoot in total) and stopping myself from staring open mouthed at this amazing location when i am supposed to be concentrating on my job!
I will be posting all the looks created for this DUO shoot very soon, so stay in touch!

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