Saturday, 19 March 2011

Natural Bride

So, it's wedding season and the brides are booking in like crazy. I had wedding trials today and one of my clients wore no make-up at all day to day, yet she felt she needed something for her wedding. As she sat in front of me, perfect skin and brooke sheilds-esque eyebrows to die for i could tell she was a little wary of my kit.
I started with MAC tint, and her skin was glowing and even more flawless, but to my surprise she still felt it was too much. I had to take myself back to before i started wearing foundation and how it felt, i understood and i re-cleansed her skin.
I ended up using my all time favourite MAC strobe cream on the high points of her face (cheekbones, nose bone, brow bone) and covering any darkness under the eyes with MAC select cover-up. The result? Fresh and flawless.
I finished the look with a soft gold on the lids, a walnut kohl and black mascara to define the eyes, my fail safe cream blusher in Powder Pink and Naked gloss on the lips both by Bobbi Brown.
She left looking every bit the magazine bride and i rediscovered a couple of my favourite Bridal products i just have to share.

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