Sunday, 27 March 2011

Red lip V Lip Stain

Last wedding season i had a lot of requests for red lips for vintage style weddings. I personally love a red lip, in my opinion there is no sexier look than fresh flawless skin, your signicture red lip colour and just a touch of mascara. Beautiful.
The red lip, however, is not low maintenance, and so many women who crave to achieve it, just can't hack the feeling of (A) feeling on show and (B) having the fear of it being smudged/on their teeth etc. There is a knack to applying and wearing a red lip but there is another option.
The lip stain is more innocent than a full on red lip, it doesn't shout as loud but it certainly gets the message across. The best lip stain is by the legend that is Laura Mercier available from Space NK, creating a long lasting stain that creates that always craved bee-stung lip.
A lip stain is a hands down winner for bridal, it's more man and white dress friendly and you will feel far more confident than with a full-on red lip if you are new to it that is.
A red lip is something you have to wear with confidence otherwise it just does not work, it feels slightly heavy at first but after a bit of wear your either love it or hate it. Carry on following my blog for advice on how to achieve the perfect red lip.

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